Customized Set of Agate Coasters - Non-Plated Edge

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    • Create a coaster set by choosing the available colors and sizes
    • Add each selection to your cart
    • Repeat the step above for every additional option
    • Available Sizes 3.0" - 7.0"
    • Sets will be photographed and emailed for your approval
    • Certified agate information card included.

  • $8.00

Available Options

Consider creating a set of slices by purchasing the colors you like best and in the quantity that serves your needs most.
Indicate preferences such as size, color shade and pattern in customer comments

Agate is one of the world's most-prized minerals. It is a microcrystalline variety of quartz and is typically formed in volcanic rock. Its natural hardness makes it perfect for jewelry, carvings, bookends, coasters and clocks. Our magnificent Agate coaster features a high quality and hand-polished Brazilian stone. As you will see from our Amazon shop page, coasters can be purchased with silver or gold plated edges to further enhance the beauty of the piece or you can buy pre-made sets of four or six coasters. Due to the characteristics of the natural stone, slices may vary slightly in color and size (+/- 0.5"). Slices may be used as coasters that make great gifts for men and women and are perfect additions to everyone's home decor.

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