The Royal Gift Shop Gorgeous Wall Art - BLUE Authentic Brazilian Agate Slice - Silver Frame Shadow Box (~ 8.5 inx 6.5 in)

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    • Hand picked Brazilian Agate Slices for mounting - only the most beautiful, top quality Agate Selected for your order.
    • MATERIALS: Authentic Brazilian Polished Agate, Plastic Silver-tone Shadow Box Frame, Professional Mat Board, Glass Surface Cover.
    • OUTER FRAME: (8.5" x 6.5" x 1.5") AGATE: (3.5"+ diameter). One.
    • Versatile Décor Options - Vertical & Horizontal Hooks to mount as Wall Art - OR - Easel Back to set on tabletop, mantle, nightstand, etc.
    • Certified agate information card included.

  • $112.46

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