Multi-Green Polished Onyx Candle Holder 3 in

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  • In Stock

    • Exclusive onyx colors and shades
    • Authentic Fair Trade Product. Ethically sourced and 100% handmade
    • Measurement: H: 3" x W: 3" x D: 3"
    • Perfect as a bathroom, dining or living room ornament.
    • Handcrafted in Pakistan

  • $9.66

f the quartz family. Its very fine crystal formation is intertwined with different minerals, which give each type and each piece of onyx its distinct color and unique character. Each item has been handcrafted and hand polished, which makes each item exquisite and exclusive. For centuries, onyx has been used to decorate palaces and places of worship; and has been said to provide comfort, relieve stress and calm down one's heart and mind.

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