Holistic Healing for Chakras of Body Mind Spirit - Sodalite & Amethyst Feng Shui: Crystals, Gemstones, and Royal Blue Pouch Gift Set

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    • USE ASà Ideal Gift for a Holistic & Spiritually Minded Individual, Beautiful D?cor for Home or Office, and/or Personal Token for Well-Being and Chakra Allignment.
    • INCLUDESà 1 lb. of Authentic Hand Selected Top Quality Brazilian Gemstones & Crystals, 1 Lg. Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster, and Royal Blue Drawstring Gift Pouch
    • SODALITE - Balances Energy of the THROAT CHAKRA, helping one deal with Personal Obstacles using Logic & Intuition. Increases Focus during Meditation, Eases Anxiety; Physically Strengthens Immune System, Balances Metabolism, and Promotes Restful Sleep - particularly for those battling Insomnia.
    • AMETHYST - Clears CROWN CHAKRA to channel High Frequency Vibrations through THIRD EYE CHAKRA, along to remaning Chakras. As the "Premier Spiritual Stone" its powerful Psychic Healing Ability dissolves anger, fear, & anxiety - illusions of the Human Condition - and promote Spiriutal Growth.
    • FOR YOUR LOVED ONEà Select the option for a Gift Box and add a Personalized Message upon checkout.

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Holistic and Spiritual Healing Practices have been gaining momentum in past years as society is beginning to see the unparalleled value of all that Nature has to offer and its applications in our daily lives.
Over the past few decades, our society has become overly dependent on pharmaceutical medication, with the general public sold on the concept of "a pill for every ill," believing there is a quick-fix everything.
However, many are becoming enlightened to the fact that health and healing takes into account the whole person (Body, Mind, and Spirit) and includes everyday lifestyle practices.
Eastern Cultures have been reaping the benefits of Yoga, Acupuncture, Prayer, Meditation, Reiki and other Alternative Medicine Practices for Centuries - and we are finally taking notice.
Gemstones & Crystals are often used to Balance & Align Chakra Energy Flow. Particular Stones activate their associated Chakras and may be implemented depending on the focus area that requires restoration, balance, and healing.
Crystals, Stones, & Minerals been proven to facilitate & enhance the benefits acquired from various Spiritual & Metaphysical Therapies, particularly when incorporated in Practice.
Set your Healing Crystals in a decorative dish on your bedside table to Restore Balance at home, or fill your drawstring pouch to Protect and Heal throughout the day.

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