Decorative Agate Desk Clock - Teal

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    • Genuine Polished Agate Clock with Golden Roman Numerals
    • Handmade in Brazil with custom fitted wood base. Approx Size: 4.5" to 5.5"
    • Conversation piece; perfect for any room in the house
    • Makes a great gift choice; Unique and Useful
    • Color, Size and Pattern vary as each slice is unique. Requires one AA battery

  • $21.46

The Authentic Agate Slice Clock was handcrafted in Brazil and is of the finest quality.
The design of the clock emphasizes the beauty of the natural agate stone, and is therefore, not concealed by glass for protection. Keeping this in mind, the hands of the clock are fragile and should not be adjusted manually. Use only the mechanism on the back of the clock to move the hands and adjust the time. We are not responsible for damages to the clock caused by manual mishandling of this product. Enjoy your clock for many years to come!

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