The Golden Book of Psalms

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  • Collector’s Limited Edition
    • 320 signed and numbered copies
    • Importer paper bound in leather
    • Die-cut golden plaque on the cover
    • Exquisite hand-carved mahogany case
    • Special Price: $399.99
    Coffee Table Limited Edition
    • 1,000 copies only
    • High quality paper
    • Elegant case
    • Special Price: $32.00
    Small Hardcover Edition
    • Easily portable
    • Durable binding
    • High quality paper
    • Special Price: $11.00

  • $399.99

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Take home the most magnificent book of Psalms the world has ever seen, THE GOLDEN BOOK OF PSALMS Choose from three editions of the complete book of Psalms in English and its original Hebrew illuminated by world-renowned Jerusalem artist Shuki Freiman You’ve never seen a book of Psalms like this. You’ve never seen a work of art like this. Beautifully illustrated by Yehoshua Freiman, a seventh generation Jerusalemite. The result is the perfect keepsake or gift. Each of the 150 Psalms is presented in its original Hebrew with an English translation. The three handsome editions are also featured at the new King David Legacy Center in Jerusalem.

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