Genuine Himalayan Hand Crafted Rock Salt Lamp with UL- approved Cord, Dimmer Switch and Bulb - Diamond

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    • Hand-carved, 100% pure Himalayan Salt
    • 6-inch height, 5-inch wide, 7 pounds.
    • Lamp will act as an air purifier, balancing the ions in your room and protecting you from harmful electronic pollution.
    • Each specimen is genuine and unique, You will receive an item similar to the one pictured.
    • Imported from the world's largest salt mines in Pakistan and Includes Base made from Authentic Rosewood

  • $13.46

Why are Natural Salt Lamps also called "Vitamins of the Air?"
The bulb inside of the lamp heats the crystal and supports the ionizing effect. Salt attracts the water from the surroundings. Especially in more humid environments, you may notice that your lamp is damp. The warmth of the lamp causes the water to evaporat producing healthy negative ions. This combines with the stream of positive ions- even bacteria and allergens have positive ions-and neutralize the electronic smog in the room.

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