Naturally Hand-Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamp & Candle Holder Gift Set - THE PERFECT PAIR. THE PERFECT AIR - For Holistic Healing of the Body, Mind, Soul, and Home

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    • Gift Set Includes: (1) Natural Shaped Hand-Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamp, (8-12 lbs) - Ideal shape & size to place on your night-stand for clean breathing and peaceful sleep all through the night. Or set it down on the end-table by your favorite recliner chair for ultimate relaxation, whether you're reading your favorite book or watching the game.
    • (2) Naturally Hand-Crafted Himalayan Salt Candle Holder. Unique Hand-crafted shape perfectly compliments your accompanying salt lamp. Use in the same room together to maximize holistic effects - or place anywhere else in the home to create a soft glow for good vibes.
    • Both Lamp and Candle Holder Arrive Ready for Use! Light-bulb & electrical fixture - pick your favorite color tealight and glow on!
    • Includes UL approved electric cord, dimmer and 15-watt light bulb
    • Keep one and Give one as Gift, however you may want to consider the following... Experts who have studied the Environmental & Biological effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps have agreed that: HAVING MULTIPLE LAMPS IN ONE ROOM WILL PRODUCE THE MOST POSITIVE & POWERFUL EFFECT BY INCREASING ION CIRCULATION AND FLOW, AND AS A RESULT BALANCING THE IONIZATION AND OTHER BENEFITS THROUGHOUT THE ROOM.

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The Himalayan Mountains are well noted as the source for many varieties of salt crystal. Salt lamps release negative ions into the air which naturally counteract the damaging effects of common electronics, i.e. cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, air conditioners, etc. on our body. Salt crystal lamps have proven to purify the environment and work against airborne germs and a plethora of symptoms that many people experience. Added protection and powerful benefits when placing three lamps in a triangular formation.

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