Himalayan Salt Lamp with Guide for Healing, Harmony, and Purification - 4-6 LBS

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    • Guide book is a vital companion to understanding and utilizing salt lamps for their optimum curative benefits and protection
    • Makes your home a source of health, energy and revitalization
    • Protects owners from electromagnetic waves common to most household and office appliances
    • Imported from the world's largest salt mines in Pakistan and Includes Base made from Authentic Rosewood
    • Includes UL approved electric cord, dimmer and 15-watt light bulb

  • $17.96

The Himalayan Mountains are well noted as the source for many varieties of salt crystal. Salt lamps release negative ions into the air which naturally counteract the damaging effects of common electronics, i.e. cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, air conditioners, etc. on our body. Salt crystal lamps have proven to purify the environment and work against airborne germs and a plethora of symptoms that many people experience. Added protection and powerful benefits when placing three lamps in a triangular formation. Book offers instruction on how to place salt lamps in the home and office for maximum curative results.

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